Gear Review: Jetboil Flash Personal Cooking System


I’ll admit that I was skeptical about Jetboil at first. I wasn’t sure if it was worth the money, or if it was just a flashy trendy cooking system that didn’t have the quality you’d depend on. I made the impulse on Black Friday when the Flash cooking system was at a pretty good price.

Good:  What everyone says about the Jetboil system is true. It boils water fast. Like really fast. The integrated compact system brings the heat uninterrupted to the “cooking cup”, which is also insulated. It also has a nifty color changing side that shows when the water is hot. The whole system is very compact and you can fit all needed items inside the cup to save pack space. You can use the cooking cup as a mug, as the pour spout works as a sip spout, and the insulated ring doesn’t burn your skin – but it also takes your cooking tool out of commission while you enjoy a drink.

Accessories! There are a lot. The first one I bought was the coffee press, which is sized exactly for the Flash system and works very well for a good cup of coffee. Another is the Pot Support which allows you to use larger pots, making the system go from 1 person use to 2-3 person use.

ImageCooking cup, coffee press, fuel stabilizer, fuel, and burner, all which fits inside the cooking cup

ImageThe 1.5 liter cooking pot with the Pot Support 

Bad: The pot/cooking cup covers are made from a rubbery plastic. The main cover has a steam spout and a pour spout which does indeed come in handy, but doesn’t instill confidence in durability. On the 1.5 liter cooking pot, the plastic lid shrinks after first use making it impossible to securely put it on while cooking. When using the standard 1.0 liter cooking cup, there is a line inside marking the max fill to boil water. That only allows you to boil about .5-.6 liters of water, which is not nearly enough. If you have purified water that you only need to heat up and not get to a rolling boil, you can fill it up higher but you have to pay attention. Once the water starts to roll, it will splash out of the two openings on the lid. This stove runs on ‘high’ very well. I’ve noticed there are only a few settings found with the dial, very high, high, and off. It is very difficult to make it simmer.

Another con I’ve found is the Jetboil brand fuel. There is much conversation about efficiency of canister fuel in the winter. The Jetboil fuel is noticeably weaker in the cold, and boil times are increased by a few minutes. On the bright side, other fuels are compatible, such as the MSR Iso Pro fuel, which I plan to use in colder seasons.

Conclusion: Overall, this system has impressed me. It is a very efficient system that packs up small. It is something I plan to use for a while. Cooking in it is very easy in it, and getting hot water is not a problem whatsoever. There are minor drawbacks to the Flash system, but they don’t compromise the true quality of the stove. You are getting an incredibly versatile cooking system for a very good price.

Find it hereJetboil Flash Personal Cooking System- $100

Reviewed by Ryan


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